15 items every trucker should have in their truck (Part 1)


15 items every trucker should keep in their truck (Part 2) - 1

Truck drivers spend a lot of their time on the road and, while they aren’t required to have any special technical skills, aside from driving, it can be essential to carry a few tools with them in case of an emergency on the way.


1. Gloves – every heavy truck driver will benefit from owning a pair of quality protective gloves. From driving over a long period of time and keeping one’s hands warm to eliminating cuts and scratches when repairs need to be performed – investing in a good pair of gloves will pay off.


2. Flashlight – there will be plenty of opportunities to use a flashlight on the road during nighttime. Whether you need to inspect your truck for damages or check the surrounding areas when you make a stop – a flashlight will always come in handy to have nearby.


3. Combination wrench set – a combination wrench set is a great one to own, because you never know what size or shape wrench you will need for future problems. The combination wrench set will help you be more prepared for unknown jobs.


4. Adjustable wrench – you will want to have at least one adjustable wrench in the truck, in case you need to fix unusual size bolts and don’t have a suitable tool for an unexpected repair.


5. Dog bone wrench - the dog bone wrench is usually equipped with a magnet, making it a great tool to fit in difficult to reach and awkward spaces.


6. Wire cutters and electrical tape – wire cutters must always accompany you on a long journey. If you need to cover an exposed cable, wire cutters and electrical tape will get it fixed efficiently enough to take the truck for a proper check at a repair shop.


7. Zip ties – zip ties can come in handy in almost every situation. You can make a keyring from them, lock luggage or secure a drawer, support loose handles, and even close your bag of crisps with one! If you get really creative, there is very little you cannot do with a couple of zip ties.


(To be continued)