15 items every trucker should keep in their truck (Part 2)


15 items every trucker should keep in their truck (Part 2) - 1

Last time we started telling you about some items one can always find in an experienced driver’s truck. Now it’s time to complete the list of useful items to have in your truck at any time, especially for a long drive. 


8. Screw driver set

You never know when you will need a screwdriver. Especially around electronics and covered parts of the truck, having a screwdriver can be a huge timesaver in an unexpected situation. 


9. Safety glasses

Putting on safety glasses when repairing your truck on the road may seem overly protective and unnecessary, but it can save you from uncontrolled glass, screws and liquid spraying and flying out. And while you’re at it, why not add sunglasses to the list to protect your eyes when driving.


10. Box knife

A box knife and duct tape should probably be sold together, as you usually need one with the other. In any case, a box knife is one of those multi-use utility tools everyone needs to have.


11. Tire depth gauge

To avoid a tire blowing out while driving on the freeway and generally being let down by tire trouble while on the road, experienced drivers suggest carrying a tire depth gauge. With this handy tool you can quickly check if your tires need to be pumped before your next trip.


12. Metal dowel rod

This tool is for a bit more advanced use. It can be used for breaking ice off frozen breaks. However, if an inexperienced driver uses it, they may destroy the breaks themselves, therefore it is important to watch a few tutorials beforehand, and handle with extra care.


13. Hammer

Hammers are a great tool in case of unexpected emergencies and one everyone should keep in their truck, just in case.


14. Tool box

This one is kind of intuitive, but still worth mentioning. We listed all the tools you need – of course, it would be best to keep them tidy and at the same place for easy access. Find a tool box that fits in the storage space in your truck and place them all in it. 


15. First aid kit

Emergencies on the road happen too often, therefore a first aid kit is a must-have necessity.


Now you’re all set for your next trip!