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15 items every trucker should keep in their truck (Part 2) - 1

... every truck driver should be familiar with

Fogged up windows

One of the biggest nightmares of any driver is fogged up windows in their truck. They make it difficult to see and cause hazards on the road. Fortunately, a... potato can help. Simply rub the glass with a potato cut in half and the vapor sinks immediately. Both the outside and the inside of the glass can be rubbed. This method is especially useful in bad weather;


Since we are on the subject of fogged windows, it is also worth knowing how to deal with excessive humidity. In this case, silicone cat litter (made of pebbles) will help. It is enough to put it in a sock under the seat.Interestingly, instead of gravel can be used coarse-grained salt. Just remember to make sure that the sock is well protected in the cabin and does not interfere with the ride;

Dirty windows

Of course, it is the duty of every driver to ensure that the windows in the vehicle are properly cleaned. Especially if you smoke cigarettes in the cabin - then the windows become dull, unclear and slightly "blurred". Such windows are difficult to clean, because we do not remove all the coating immediately, but only smear. There are special liquids and napkins for this, but why buy them when there are newspapers? They do not leave streaks and remove all contamination.We just point out that newsprint is important. Slippery or chalky paper is not suitable for window cleaning. It is best to use newspapers such as Fakt, Angora, Gazeta Wyborcza (without propaganda background). However, instead of expensive liquids can be used ordinary vinegar diluted with water.

Visibility of vehicles at night

Night, country road, around a forest. For the driver, this immediately means poor visibility. From a distance, you can not see if another car is coming from the other side of the road. And when we notice it, we already blind it with our light. And that can lead to an accident. So how can we prevent it and manage to turn on our low beams? It's simple: we need to take a good look at the trees on the opposite side of the road. If they are illuminated, we have another vehicle in front of us, which will come out in front of us only after a while.For truck drivers, work usually means one thing - it does not get boring. It's not an easy job, but it certainly has its numerous charms, including the constant acquisition of skills. These include various "tricks" that will come in handy later in everyday life.