How to win over the summer heat as a heavy truck driver pro


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Best thing about summer? It’s hot. Worst thing about summer? It’s hot. The summer months can provide good driving conditions, but there are a few maintenance and driving patterns it’s better to know before you set off on a long trip to ensure the ride is as pleasant as you hoped it would be.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We cannot stress this enough – dehydration is a serious concern for truck drivers in the summer and can have detrimental consequences, from slowing you down by an unnecessary shopping break to fatal accidents due to suddenly feeling unwell. Always carry a water bottle with you or pack some water-loaded fruit like watermelon and grapes to have as a snack along the road.

Maintain the air conditioner

Using the A/C is clear – if you have it, use it. But don’t forget to maintain it. Check the various components regularly – antifreeze levels, filters, the hose and valves. Make sure the air conditioner is working properly, as it is will be one of your life-savers in the hot weather.

Use a blanket

Using a blanket in winter may sound a little odd, but bear with us for a minute. Blankets are a great solution for trucks with leather seats. If you have leather seats, especially black or grey, try covering them with a blanket. This will lower the heat absorption and allow you to feel better as you drive. You can opt for a simple cotton blanket – choose a brighter colour that will stop the light from accumulating on the seats when you’re not driving.

Check your batteries for corrosion

Truck batteries are likely to develop corrosion when heat indexes are high. Corrosion buildup may lead to a lower voltage and will eventually stop battery function. A dead battery means you might end up stuck on the side of the road, so be sure to regularly examine the battery and cables for cracks and other damage.

Be prepared for increased traffic

People tend to use their cars more during the summer months. Many feel more confident to drive in dry conditions, some take roadtrips and vacations, and the road repairs that tend to happen mostly during the summer months surely don’t help. That is why we advise to be prepared and filled with patience. If you find yourself stuck in traffic – listen to your favourite playlist or audio book, call a loved one (using hands-free) or just sit and wait, but most of all, stay calm.